A Few Words

If a developing country has to prioritize what to fix to come out of poverty - it is not corruption, not crime not infrastructure or clean water. Education is the single most important hope a developing nation has which fixes all above and almost every other problem with a great certainty. We beleive that education is a process of partnership between learners, teachers, administrators and parents. Schools hold no magic sticks; an honest participation from each stakeholder is a must. We also provide an environment where this collaboration can happen. To keep pace with advancement in education, Shree Ganga Public School was started in the year 2005. SGPS hasn't looked back since then. Success is a journey not a destination for us. All this progress happened in a fun collaborative environment that SGPS family cherishes everyday. At SGPS, we accept a child with his/her strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and disabilities and then help them to improve. Every child cannot and need not be Einstein. But the child with some help from teachers and education process can create the same difference to world that Einstein did. In the process your child gets to be what he/she wants to be, likes to be, and values to be. We believe, instilling self confidence is the key to bring the best out of your child. Lastly how can we forget the message from Vivekananda, 'Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved".
Sharad Rungta
Education should aim at the liberation of one’s inner powers of the mind and the body to achieve this end, it has to be integral; it should encompass the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual planes. At the same time education should take into account the giant strides mankind has taken in Science and Technology and should, therefore, recieve global orientation. Shree Ganga Public School has measured up to the expectations of the people of Padrauna and its neighbouring areas and become a role model in the field of quality education. While I am grateful to our patrons for reposing continued faith and confidence in our efforts to raise a state-of -the art institution commited to provide truly world class education in Padrauna, parents who entrust their wards in our hands should know that SGPS is not just an academic institution but a cult-a convent that becomes a hallmark in the scholar’s life and in whose portal the destiny of the world is shaped.
Kusum Rungta
Chair Person